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Ford lands Focus Electric for “evaluation”

Ford New Zealand has landed a Ford Focus Electric in the country for evaluation, with the car hitting the road with one of its major fleet clients.



The hatchback will spend a year with Corys Electrical, who will operate the vehicle alongside its traditional fleet.

The Focus features a 33.5kWh battery giving it a potential range of around 200 kilometres.

The electric motor produces 107kW and the car can be DC fast charged or topped up through the onboard 6.5kW AC charger. It appears otherwise unchanged from a conventional model – though part of the battery is situated in a large box in the boot.

Ford New Zealand says they hope to learn from the evaluation vehicle – but there are unlikely to be more arrive as part of the trial.

“Look, we’d love to, but this is a pretty unique evaluation. It’s probably at this point just with Corys. It’s part of their core business, so it’s probably just the one,” Ford’s communications manager Tom Clancy says.

“Ford globally has a number of different projects in EV space going on. In Europe, for example, they’re part of the Ionity Group which is setting up fast-charging stations throughout Europe and that’s addressing the infrastructure side of things.

“So on a smaller scale, but no less important, we’re hoping to learn some of the infrastructure needs here in New Zealand through this evaluation. Things need to be addressed in the market.”

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